Update 2_87
Version 2_87 released!
1. Land shaft change not available any more at mercenary locations
2. Trebuchet booster artifacts changed
3. Temporary adventure hut kingdom events now contains coordinates
4. Heroes sorted at Treasure view also by name
Update 2_85
Greatest and bright Orthodox Christian holiday Easter is coming soon.
1100AD team deeply congratulates all players with this bright holiday and wishes prosperity and good to you! We wish your soul will be warm and calm, sky over your head peaceful, and your family and friends next to you. Let this great holiday will present understanding, harmony and patience. As well we wish you to get away all regret and resentment and leave only happiness and love! Happy holiday!
In honor of Orthodox Easter (this year will be celebrated May 1st) in 1100AD today have already started Easter celebration and it last till May 12th.

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Shared resources and new Market
Version 2_84 released!

Shared resources and new Marketplace already on Outremer and Gold Rush.
Another servers also will get this update later today.
FB Fan weekend contest
Game Update 2_83
List of changes:
- Easter holidays are over;
- Report system (logs) was optimized. Now reports are processed faster and have more specific information regarding troops;
- Maximum limit for Lighthouses is increased to 5 per account;
- New daily quests are added to players with lvl 53+.
New Temporary Location in Valley!
New temporary location in valley! Cleen cache, Ctrl+F5 and find it!
Easter lottery for FB fans!
Dear our fans at Facebook page!
Try your luck this week at our page
We are going to choose one lucky winner from all who Liked and Shared Easter Holiday post -5000 gold +1 mercenary point+nice artifact set.

Hurry Up - award time at 29th of March at 14:00!
Easter Holidays!
Approaching is the greatest holiday - Easter.
Over the years of existence, this festival has not lost its significance and has not been forgotten by the people. We heartily congratulate all the players with the upcoming Easter and to wish you and your families health, love, good luck and to always be happy!

In honor of the Catholic Easter, which this year falls on March 27, in 1100AD the Easter holidays begin today and will continue until April 7!

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Build 2_81 Sea Fortress
Seaside Citadel and the Varangian Guard.
The game has a new military location - Sea Fortress. Capture of the Sea Fortress occurs on the same principle as the capture on the ordinary citadel.
Changes in the resource system: two kinds of resources was removed - coal and lime.
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FB Fan Lottery Results
Let's congratulate our lucky winner - Jekabs Ekhards! We checked random result for using Share option, and find out, that our winner shared post 4 times. Exciting!
Also decided to award resources and medium artifact set for 2 additional lucky persons chose by good luck fairy - Михаил Харчук and Viktor Alexandrov.

Thank all for participating!
Stay with our app page and do not miss next lottery at Easter time
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